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Place: Halle
Tanks flown
: 2
Time flown: 0h30 (cumulative model timer: 31h49)
Rx battery recharged with: 1244 mAh
Tx battery recharged with: 491 mAh
Glow heater battery recharged with: 1397 mAh
Starter battery recharged with: 54 mAh

A very windy but beautiful day. Did some basic flying around (stall turn, circuit). Also retried flying inverted for several seconds with success.

Added 1 turn of pitch to the “black” blade to adjust the tracking

As reported in my previous post, I needed to re-balance the rotor-blades. Again… Also, the glowplug needed a checkup.

The glowplug was easily fixed: some oil got between the alligator clip and the glow plug which caused some bad contact. After cleaning both the clip and the plug the glow heater was able to pump 4A through the circuit.

Rebalancing the blades was a bit more work…

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When demonstrating my Raptor last week, I noticed some resonance in the body just before reaching my normal flying RPM. I only noticed it briefly during the spool-up, once the rotor reached its normal speed of ~1700rpm the vibrations where gone. This called for a checkup of the rotor balance, which is what I’ve done this weekend. I used the page over at Raptor Technique to guide me through the process.

The blades seemed to be fine; their Center of gravity matches almost perfectly (less than 3mm difference). Their weight also looks fairly identical, as I could balance them on the (blunt) edge of a knife (1.5mm wide).

Next up was the flybar. I noticed that both paddles are not aligned as it should be. After some tweaking, this is the result:
Raptor 50 Flybar
Which seems a lot better than before!

All that’s left is give it a test-flight and see if it’s better; but with the current weather, it will have to wait a few days.