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When troubleshooting a network performance problem today, I discovered some strange behavior when using an internet connection over a cellular network (GSM in my case):

When the line was idle for half a minute or so, the connection seems to hang a few seconds before working again. I verified this with our mobile provider Proximus and got the following interesting response: (liberally translated by me)
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When studying for my Cisco ISCW exam, I wanted to get somewhat more in-depth information on the different DSL-techniques.

First of all, there are different DSL techniques, ranging from IDSL (providing 144/144kbps) over the popular ADSL (somewhere around 1/10Mbps up/down) up to the newer VDSL variants (around 50Mbps). Within each technique, there are different modulation schemes.

I decided to explore what my Alcatel SpeedTouch modem (now Thomson) had to tell me; here is the report.

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