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Recently, I have been “upgrading” my blog by including some nice WordPress plugins. Some of them are barely noticeable, others get some sidebar-real-estate.

Here is a list of plugins I currently use:

  • Akismet: Keeps the spam out of the comments
  • Add From Server: Allows me to upload files in batch using SFTP and add them to the media library later
  • Attachment Extender: Allows an attachment (image, video, file) to be updated. Normally you need to delete/re-add the item
  • Better Blogroll: Displays a list of random links in the sidebar
  • Blogroll Links Page: Generates a page with all links from the database; although I hacked in a little bit of functionality to have empty categories suppressed and to display the category description.
  • CyStat: Gathers statistics on page visits, incoming referrers, most popular posts, …
  • FLV Embed: The embedded flash player in some posts (eg this one)
  • Search Unleached: Adds search highlighting to the pages; search through comments as well

I’m still looking for (a) plugin(s) to accomplish some things:

  • Basically get the “Media Library” page from the admin-interface onto the blog itself. A bit like the Blogroll Links Page plugin does for links.
  • Some plugin/hack/extension that allows the “Media Library” to be organized by tags and/or categories. Technically this isn’t a big task: the database stores attachements just the same as it does posts, so it’s only a user-interface thing.
  • Search through the captions and descriptions of the “Media Library”

If anyone knows of a plugin to solve these issues, please let me know.

Update 2008-10-26

I basically wrote my own plugin to accomplish what I was looking for. It’s far from perfect, but it gets the job done.

Update 2009-06-17

I replaced CyStat with AWStats; it’s not a WordPress plugis, but gives me much more information. I also removed Search Unleached, since it wast not compatible with WordPress 2.8 (at the time of the descission).

Another update

I added Broken Link Checker. It’s a great plugin that routinely verifies all your links and notifies you when they’re broken.