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Just before the holidays, we got ourselves a Dreambox DM8000, an HD-capable set-top box and personal video recorder. The hardware features look good: twin DVB-S2 tuner build in, 2 free slots for additional tuners, e.g. for DVB-T or -C reception. It has 4 CI (Common Interface) slots for Conditional Access Modules (CAM’s), and 2 smartcard readers. Under the hood is a 400MHz MIPS processor, running a special linux, named “Enigma2” from a flash-chip. An optional harddisk and (slimline) DVD-reader are also available, but you have to build them in yourself. Doing so was really easy, as all screws and connectors are provided.

Dreambox DM8000 inside Dreambox DM8000 inside, filled

The installed software is descent, tunes fast and didn’t crash (yet). It supports decoding multiple channels from a single multiplex (known as multirec in the MythTV-world). The manual (local copy) could be more thorough, though. The recording-scheduling simply sucks, especially if you’re used to MythTV’s scheduling.

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I always wanted to know how to filter pieces of information from all the HTML-bloat surrounding it. As a proof of concept, I wrote a Perl program that parses the Skynet Electronic Program Guide and turns it into an XMLTV-file. XMLTV is a file-format used by programs like MythTV to present the on-screen program-guide and to schedule recordings.

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