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I was a bit afraid that getting an UMTS USB stick to work under Linux would be an impossible task. Turns out to be reasonably simple. These notes are for a Huawei K4505 HSPA+ USB stick, as provided by Proximus (Vodaphone group).

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One very nice feature the iPhone lacks is the ability to request a delivery report on text messages. I usually abuse these by sending a text message to family/friends while they’re on a plane. As soon as they land and switch on their phone, I get a delivery report. Which essentially tells me “for free” that the person has landed. (With Belgian carriers, receiving text messages is always free, even abroad, because you can’t refuse them).

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When troubleshooting a network performance problem today, I discovered some strange behavior when using an internet connection over a cellular network (GSM in my case):

When the line was idle for half a minute or so, the connection seems to hang a few seconds before working again. I verified this with our mobile provider Proximus and got the following interesting response: (liberally translated by me)
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