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Google is my favorite search engine; I use Maps regularly and enjoy Earth as well. I am however concerned about privacy using all these cloud-services. Privacy has a lot of different meanings. Here I’m talking about the control meaning: I want to be in control over my stuff, being it my computer, my mails or my documents.

My concert just got another boost when Growl notified me that a new volume was mounted. I was surprised, since I was laying back, watching a movie… The volume mounted was “GoogleSoftwareUpdate-”.

I do have Google Earth installed on my machine, but don’t remember asking it to update itself, definitely not when it’s not even running!

After some digging around, I found the dmg hiding in ~/Library/Caches/ Apparently, I’m not the only one who noticed this. This updating seemed to be launched from launchd and can be disabled by removing or disabling the plist-file:

Disabling the startup item can be done by deleting the file ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ or adding a new “Disabled” property to it (in case you want to keep the file):