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When I buy electronic devices, I always keep an eye on their power consumption. Especially the power drain that you’ll get 24/7. For most devices, this is their “standby” power consumption, but some devices are left on all day long. The b-box 3 of Proximus is in this last category.

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My ISP, Skynet Belgacom Proximus, has been rolling out IPv6 since 2013. However, you need a B-Box 3 in order to get it. Recently, my B-Box 2 decided to stop working, so I got a (free) upgrade to a B-Box 3 (but see below).

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The new installs of Belgacom’s DSL internet connection are actually fairly descend. They provide a “b-box 2” which provides 2 wired 10/100base-T ports and an 802.11g access point. It consumes 10.1W of power once booted (21VA with a cosφ of .47, measured with 241Vac), which costs around €22/year at the current prices. The box has a built-in router which performs the PPPoE connection and does the NAT. While this setup is perfectly fine for a regular setup, obviously I wanted something more…

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