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I frequently found myself doing relative simple calculations over and over again, such as the future value of an investment. A spreadsheet works fine if you always calculate in the same direction (i.e. calculate the future value based on present value, interest and duration), but I usually want to jump around a bit, calculating back and forth between parameters (e.g. what interest rate would be needed to get this future value).

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I found myself firing up a calculator every time I needed to base-convert a number from/to hex or octal. So I wrote a very simple HTML-page that I added to my dashboard that does just this.

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I never had a course in aerodynamics. If I had, I might have programmed a power-calculator myself, but I doubt that it would have been as complete and easy-to-use as this calculator.

When one is looking around to buy real-estate, loans is something unavoidable for the majority of us. Calculating loans (dutch link) is not black magic, as some banks like you to believe. Below is a JavaScript loan calculator to calculate the missing parameter from the rest. Some calculations can’t be done in one-shot, but need to be resolved iteratively. These are marked “(slow)”. On a descent computer however, these will still run in well under a second.
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