Privacy policy

Just like most websites, this site logs certain information about your visit. This page attempts to list all information that is stored, and the purpose of the data.

  • The IP address and port originating each request to the site.
    This data is needed to identify the source of potential hacking attempts to this site. It is also used to link multiple requests together in order to estimate the duration of a visit to this site
  • The date & time of each request
  • The exact page, image, stylesheet, script or download that was requested.
    This is used to monitor the popularity of the individual posts/downloads.
  • The HTTP response code.
    This is used to identify non-existant pages, and thus to track down dead links
  • The response size.
    This is used to monitor which resources consume the most bandwidth.
  • The HTTP referer.
    This is used to track down the source of dead links. It also allows to see which pages or sites are responsible for the incoming traffic.
  • The HTTP User Agent (your browser name & version)
    This is used to generate statistics on the use of different browsers and operating systems. It allows fair judgement on which browsers to support, and which to drop.

If you are a normal visitor of this site, there are no cookies set. Only when you comment or (try to) log in, a cookie is issued.

If you comment on a post, the information you submit is (obviously) also stored. This includes your name, email address (which is not published), website and the comment itself.