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Trex600 time flown: 0h02 (cumulative model timer: 2h21)

Another try with the Trex 600, another crash… and again related to the rudder. Right after takeoff, the tail was oscillating heavily (yaw-wise, ~7cm amplitude, ~3Hz). I recognized this to be a gyro-issue so I landed and reduced the gyro gain from 30% to 20% (Futaba-scale). This settings still had oscillations, but they were slower and wider. Further reducing the gain (I went down to 5%) further reduced the frequency (down to ~1Hz), but didn’t stop the oscillation. Also, it became quite unstable as well.

Cyclic was still too sensitive, but I wanted to fix the rudder first; which turned out to be a wrong decision. Next thing I tried was switching to non-heading-hold mode. As soon as I switched heading-hold off, the heli started a pirouette and ascended. I managed to get it back to the ground, but with the sensitive cyclic I got myself a ground induced unscheduled maintanance.

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The Align manual doesn’t contain a list of spare part numbers. Luckily, the community took care of that (local copy of v1.7)

My first spool-up went rather well. The wind pushed over the rotor quite a bit, but I read that until the 3GX is actually airborn, it can’t compensate for anything. So I gave the throttle stick a push and indeed, the wind was compensated away. The controls were very sensitive; too sensitive for my taste; so I landed and increased the expo on the swash to 30% (it was 15%). During the next spoolup, there was a sudden “tick”, accompanied by a kick of the tail. Right after liftoff, the heli was pirouetting like crazy. Luckily I only was ~20cm high, so just dropping the pitch to -2º was enough to get it back on the ground without any damage.

I double-checked the gyro direction, the control direction and the direction of rotation; all seem to be correct. Until I took a closer look at the tail rotor itself:

The tail rotor hub had moved 6mm from the end of the shaft, and the set screw was gone. Moving the hub back into position was hard, it was jammed fairly hard.

After the build comes the setup. This post is mostly documentation for my own use.

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After comparing half a dozen heli’s, and changing my mind every other day, I finally bought a replacement for my Raptor .50. The verdict became the Align T-rex 600E Pro. Since I was planning to use a Castle Creations ESC anyway, I went with the Super Combo.

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I briefly mentioned that the iMax B6 Quattro charger has a computer interface. I already was disappointed that the interface is per charger and only half of the chargers have it. Another disappointment came when I tried the software.

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I bought a new “multi-charger”, the iMax Quattro B6. Here is my review.

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I’m selling my Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan:

This is a great helicopter for beginners. Its setup is very gentle and it can take some gusty winds. The governor allows you to concentrate on flying before having to fine-tune the engine. It’s also fast to refuel (in contrast with recharging a LiPo battery).

I’m selling it because my new club does not allow nitro.

I’m selling, preferably as a whole:

  • The helicopter itself, including manual
  • All servos (3x Futaba 3152, 1x 9206, 1x 9254)
  • OS 50SX-H Hyper motor (incl manual)
  • Gy401 tail gyro (incl manual)
  • GV-1 governor (incl manual)
  • Rx battery 3600mAh 4.8V, not new but still usable
  • battery-monitor: shows the charge-state of the Rx battery
  • NO receiver
  • fuelpump
  • Starter engine & pin
  • 4 liters of fuel
  • glow heater

In summary: everything you need to fly expect the transmitter, the receiver & a battery charger

I prefer you come and pick it up near Brussels, Belgium; that way I can show you it still flies.

If you are interested, feel free to propose a price.

After way to long, I finally found some time/weather combination to fly again. I’m a little embarrassed it took so long…

Of course, all my batteries were fairly dead. The glow heater was completely gone (0V), but was still usable after charging. My starter-battery was dead beyond repair. The LiPo’s of the miniTitan were is fairly good shape after more than a year in the fridge: 3/4th charged.

Before the flights, I upgrade my CastleLink software to version 3.40.0, and upgraded the ESC firmware to 3.27 along with these (PDF) new settings.
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The graphs of the ESC logging data I made earlier aren’t as pretty as HTML5 allows… So I retried it using HighCharts and a bit of JavaScript. The result is a standalone LogViewer page which interprets and graphs the log data entirely client-side. The page itself is fairly boring until you feed in a log file.

Clearly I’m not a layout specialist, but the functionality is there.