When I buy electronic devices, I always keep an eye on their power consumption. Especially the power drain that you’ll get 24/7. For most devices, this is their “standby” power consumption, but some devices are left on all day long. The b-box 3 of Proximus is in this last category.

So I measured the power consumption of a b-box 3 starting up. Below is the result. I’ve stopped measuring once the device was fully operational.
bbox3 power consumption
Note that the steady state power consumption is 8.5W, which costs around €15/year at current prices.


  1. Frans says:

    It sure takes forever, doesn’t it? It might be interesting to check how much of a difference disabling wifi makes, although you have to leave it on if you want to enjoy Fon access elsewhere.

  2. Niobos says:

    From my experience with other routers, WiFi itself doesn’t consume that much (around 0.5W). It’s mostly the CPU and modem chips that consume power.

  3. Frans says:

    True, it might consume a few Watt while transmitting but mostly it’ll be idle anyway.

  4. Tuxicoman says:


    What hardware do you use to measure and log those consumption values?