FreeBSD is, by default, still limited to usernames of less than 16 characters. Changing this to 32 or even 64 is not difficult, but does require some time to recompile the entire system.

I followed this post from this thread, which in summary goes like:

  • Change the #define of MAXLOGNMAME in /usr/src/sys/sys/param.h to 65
  • Change the #define of UT_NAMESIZE in /usr/src/include/utmp.h to 64
  • Rebuild world:
    cd /usr/src
    make -j4 buildworld
    make -j4 buildkernel
    make installkernel
    reboot (don’t have to go into single user mode if done on a fresh system without any services running)
    adjkerntz -i
    mergemaster -p
    cd /usr/src
    make installworld