Trex600 time flown: 0h02 (cumulative model timer: 2h21)

Another try with the Trex 600, another crash… and again related to the rudder. Right after takeoff, the tail was oscillating heavily (yaw-wise, ~7cm amplitude, ~3Hz). I recognized this to be a gyro-issue so I landed and reduced the gyro gain from 30% to 20% (Futaba-scale). This settings still had oscillations, but they were slower and wider. Further reducing the gain (I went down to 5%) further reduced the frequency (down to ~1Hz), but didn’t stop the oscillation. Also, it became quite unstable as well.

Cyclic was still too sensitive, but I wanted to fix the rudder first; which turned out to be a wrong decision. Next thing I tried was switching to non-heading-hold mode. As soon as I switched heading-hold off, the heli started a pirouette and ascended. I managed to get it back to the ground, but with the sensitive cyclic I got myself a ground induced unscheduled maintanance.

Damage report: tail blades, vertical stabilizer, both umbrella gears of the torque tube front drive, self-esteem.

miniTitan time flown: 0h28, including setup (cumulative model timer: 5h26)

To help getting over my second crash in two flight, I took my miniTitan out for a flight. Not much to report here, I stayed very much inside my comfort zone…