I’m selling my Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan:

This is a great helicopter for beginners. Its setup is very gentle and it can take some gusty winds. The governor allows you to concentrate on flying before having to fine-tune the engine. It’s also fast to refuel (in contrast with recharging a LiPo battery).

I’m selling it because my new club does not allow nitro.

I’m selling, preferably as a whole:

  • The helicopter itself, including manual
  • All servos (3x Futaba 3152, 1x 9206, 1x 9254)
  • OS 50SX-H Hyper motor (incl manual)
  • Gy401 tail gyro (incl manual)
  • GV-1 governor (incl manual)
  • Rx battery 3600mAh 4.8V, not new but still usable
  • battery-monitor: shows the charge-state of the Rx battery
  • NO receiver
  • fuelpump
  • Starter engine & pin
  • 4 liters of fuel
  • glow heater

In summary: everything you need to fly expect the transmitter, the receiver & a battery charger

I prefer you come and pick it up near Brussels, Belgium; that way I can show you it still flies.

If you are interested, feel free to propose a price.

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