After way to long, I finally found some time/weather combination to fly again. I’m a little embarrassed it took so long…

Of course, all my batteries were fairly dead. The glow heater was completely gone (0V), but was still usable after charging. My starter-battery was dead beyond repair. The LiPo’s of the miniTitan were is fairly good shape after more than a year in the fridge: 3/4th charged.

Before the flights, I upgrade my CastleLink software to version 3.40.0, and upgraded the ESC firmware to 3.27 along with these (PDF) new settings.
Place: Roeselare
Tanks flown: 2
Time flown: 0h29 (cumulative model timer: 32h51)

I was glad the Raptor still started without much trouble after collecting dust for over a year. The engine sounded like before and I did not notice any drop in power.

However, for the first time, I’m starting to feel the limits of my servo’s. They’re fairly low-end Futaba 3152’s which are great to learn to fly, but can’t keep up in more aggressive maneuvers.

I also took the miniTitan out for a fly (log). It hoovered well, but felt underpowered. Didn’t take long to figure out why: 2000RPM isn’t particularly fast for a 450-sized heli, and I already figured out to set the governor gain higher than low.

Time flown: 0h18 (cumulative model timer: 4h58)
Flight battery recharged with: (2) 539 mAh

After the flight, I had some trouble connecting to the Castle ESC to download the logs: I had to bypass the QuickConnect.