Place: Home
Batteries flown: 0.2
Time flown: 0h07 (cumulative model timer: 4h40)
Flight battery recharged with: (2)
Tx battery recharged with:

Got my miniTitan repaired; at around €20 it was fairly cheap. But the governor-config still needed to be done. So I gave the collective a punch while in a hoover and noticed a drop in RPM, as it was last time. I changed the settings to have a governor gain at “Medium (25)” instead of “Low (15)”.

The drop in RPM was noticeably less. I’m not sure if I’ll get it completely eliminated, but I started to notice some high-frequency oscillations just after spoolup; an indication of a too-high governor gain. I’ll see how this setting holds up in normal flights. As for the logging:

Before the change:

After the change:

I also tried full negative pitch on the ground. Maintaining the desired RPM required almost 100% power output, peaking at just over 26A. After the flight, I did some temperature measurements of the motor: the copper windings were around 58ºC.

Castle also released an updated firmware (v3.23). It’s currently in beta, so I won’t try it just yet and stick with the latest stable (3.20). I do note it here however, since they changed the throttle ranges: old, new. Remember that I needed to extend my END-POINTS to get the ESC to arm; aparently so did a lot of other people.