Place: Home
Batteries flown: 0.2
Time flown: 0h03 (cumulative model timer: 4h33)
Flight battery recharged with: (2) 2398 mAh (after full discharge)
Tx battery recharged with:

My miniTitan was repaired and had a new ESC. Time for the first test flight. After a minute of hoovering, I shortly pushed full collective to check the governor. The headspeed dropped, not surprisingly since the governor is set to it’s lowest setting. So I pushed full collective again, to see if the governor is able to compensate.

Again the rotor headspeed dropped. The governor did compensate, but only the motor rpm increased, not the rotor’s… And then the ground intervened. I squeezed the remaining rpm’s out of the rotor to soften the crash, but it did hit fairly hard.

Damage report:

  • Both Battery side plates snapped
  • Base plate ruptured as well
  • Canopy retaining post broken off

Cause of the crash: the pinion gear was slipping over the motor axle on high torque. This may have been the case all along since the previous crash, but went unnoticed since this was the first high torque test…

The log confirm this: after the crash, I tried to spool up again. The “rotor” speed as seen by the controller gets back up to 2200rpm, but the current required to do so is way to small compared to what it should be (around 5A).

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