As mentioned, my new ESC also has data-logging capabilities. The provided software actually has a fairly descend viewer, but it lacks some features.

As soon as you download the data, the Log viewer is opened automatically presenting the full log. You can limit the graph to only one session (flight). The bottom shows the different datasets. Clicking their name adds them to the graph. You can zoom and pan by using the mouse; while hoovering the cursor, the bottom numbers show the numerical value of the different parameters at that instant in time.

You can save the data into a “csv file“. The term CSV is rather loosly interpreted, as the file contains some “comment lines” that are not in CSV-format. While the Log Viewer tool provides an export function for the graph data as well, I didn’t feel like exporting half a dozen of graphs for every flight by hand. So I stirred some perl magic and gnuplot wizardry together into a script that reads the CSV log file and produces a set of graphs for each session (flight) in the log: