I noted that my calendar doesn’t contain Easter, nor any other official holiday. So I decided to create an iCal-file that contains all official holidays in Belgium. And while I’m at it, I added the school holidays as well.

Putting “New Year” on a calendar for the next 100 years is pretty easy; the fun begins when you want to add Easter and its variants. Luckily, there are algorithms to calculate the date of Easter, but they’re not pretty. In Belgium, school vacations also follow a set of rules. After a few hours in Perl, my script generated the events for 2000-2099. You can either download the file to import them, or use it as a subscribed calendar.


  1. flyer says:

    Now _that_ is usefull!
    thx 🙂

  2. perfect says:

    (somehow my ical gets 4 or more events per day for each event,
    is this fixable?

  3. Niobos says:

    Did you import the file? Or are you using the subscribed calendar function?