Place: Halle

Tanks flown: 2
Time flown: 0h27 (cumulative model timer: 31h19)
Rx battery recharged with: mAh
Tx battery recharged with: 559 mAh
Glow heater battery recharged with: 1300 mAh
Starter battery recharged with: 1250 mAh

Flights: 2
Time flown
: 0h21 (cumulative model timer: 3h17)
Heli battery recharged with
: (1) balanced 1934 mAh; (2) balanced 2137 mAh;
Tx battery recharged with
: see above

Went flying after work. It was fairly windy, but the wind was fairly constant. I practiced the maneuvers I’ve been doing in the sim lately: autorotation and inverted flight, both successful!

Inverted flight worked out fairly well. I started by doing backflips. Next I stopped halfway through the backflip and tried to keep it stable. I only need to work on my reflexes to get me out of inverted trouble. Obviously pushing the throttle/pitch up is not the best idea… Luckily I had (just) enough height to correct my peculiar situation.

The miniTitan held up fairly well in the winds, although I was more busy fighting the wind than flying. I increased the CCMP-mixing from 50% to 75% on the elevator and ailerons. Now it is more vivid, just like my raptor. I tried some backflips as well, but the wind made this a challange.

The Rx battery of my Raptor was again difficult to charge. Apparently the noise on the voltage causes the charger to abort early. I increased the deltaV detection threshold from 10mV/cell to 15mV/cell. This allowed the battery to charge normally from a full discharge. The graph below shows the battery voltage during the charge (not the voltage on the charger, which is higher and noisier).