Since PhotoShop is a bit too expensive, I’m sticking to The GIMP. When trying to get The GIMP to work under MacOSX (Leopard) I had two issues. The first one was a huge lag in the mouse pointer. Apparently this was caused by a specific version of X11. Since I’ve updated to 10.5.6, the problem disapeared by itself.

A second issue I was having is that (by default) the first mouse-click simply activates the window. The GIMP uses multiple windows, making this very anoying: to switch to another tool, I had to click twice. This blogpost gives the solution:

$ defaults write org.x.X11 wm_click_through -bool true

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  1. Christophe Vandeplas says:

    I’m using the community maintained X11 version. It is a lot more up2date and contains patches Apple didn’t merge yet in their X11 version.
    You can find the download here:

    To solve the ‘click issue’, I activated the “Focus follows mouse” in X11. I’m not sure it’s better than your solution for the ‘click problem’ but in the past I was used to focus follows mouse. You can configure that in the “X11 > Preferences” panel or by doing:
    $ defaults write org.x.X11 wm_ffm -bool true