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I wanted to do some light measurements (illuminance, to be exact), but didn’t want to spend hundreds of euro’s on a light meter. I realized that I actually have a quite good light meter in my pocket: my smartphone’s camera. It doesn’t measure illuminance, but luminance, but that can be worked around.

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Place: Halle
Tanks flown: 4
Time flown: 1h00 (cumulative model timer: 28h56)
Rx battery recharged with: 1373 mAh (but more than 2 hours after the last flight)
Tx battery recharged with: 459 mAh
Glow heater battery recharged with: 193 mAh
Starter battery recharged with: 30 mAh

Another beautiful day at the field, although the wind was gusty.

Practiced autorotations a lot. I’m mostly following this guide: try to land with less and less power available. I started out at 30%. The last attempt was at 15% power.

I’m a bit surprised how rough you can land the Raptor 50. Just make sure that you don’t have sideways or backward motion, as it might tip over or bend the tail boom.

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