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This page gives a short overview of my Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan.

Lets start off with some specs:

  • Rotor diameter: 1345mm
  • Mass: 3.5kg
  • Engine: OS 50SX-H Hyper; 8.2cm³, peak power of 1.4kW at 17000rpm
  • Gyro: Futaba GY401 w/ 9254 digital tail servo
  • Servo’s: Futaba 3152 on throttle, elevator and aillerons; 9206 on the pitch
  • Governor: GV-1 set for 1650 and 1700rpm
  • Rx: Futaba R319DPS 9 channel synthesizer module for the 35MHz band
  • Tx: Futaba FF9 with synthesizer module for the 35MHz band


It all started out like this:

After some days of gluing, screwing and a lot of sweat, this was the result:

After breaking in the engine, giving the canopy some color and a lot of simulator-hours, it finally flew:

Controlling this machine is done via the Futaba FF9CP, configured in Mode 2 (swash on the right, rudder and pitch on the left, NOT like the picture below):