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My previous system was a Linux-box. I made some adjustments to my keyboard in order to make it “better”. Since I use Vim a lot (apologies to Emacs-fans), the escape-key is doing overtime. On a normal keyboard however, the escape-key is located at the top left. Other keys are very near the main keyboard, but are hardly used. I almost never use the CapsLock key at all. So I switched both keys around, giving the CapsLock key the escape-function and the other way around.

Under Linux, you can remap keys using xmodmap. It seems that Windows has a similar feature, although much less documented. Here is a short summary of this article.

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One of the things I like about Vim is its support for syntax highlighting and folding. Especially when reviewing or editing config-files, the coloring is a true relieve. (Yes, I am aware that emacs can do this much better, nicer, easier and with a lot more Meta-Control sequences.)

Googling for a syntax file which would color the Cisco configuration files for me didn’t get me very far. So I decided to run my own. Here is the result:

(Public IPs in the screenshot are masked by 0’s)

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