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I’m making a Raspberry Pi to put at a “remote” location, and I needed network connectivity. I had an old USB 3G dongle lying around. It appears to be a Vodafone-branded Huawei K4302 modem, supporting HSPA+ (no LTE).

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I have an Epson WiFi multifuncional, and was very happy to see that I needed no additional software at all to make it work. OS X had everything built in. For scanning, I use Image Capture. It’s fairly basic, but it does the job of scanning a batch of duplex pages in to a single PDF.

Sometimes, however, Image Capture hangs on “Waiting for scanner…”. Restarting Image Capture doesn’t help; restarting the multifunctional neither, nor did turning the Mac’s WiFi off and on again. Restarting OS X entirely did solve the issue, but I don’t call that a solution.

Today, I came across a post of Packetrider on an HP forum. He figured out that killing the Image Capture Extension process solves the problem as well:

killall "Image Capture Extension"

Akismet recently decided to revoke my API key, so I got overwhelmed with spam comments again. So I’m trying something new: a quiz before you can comment. Let’s see how this works out.

I frequently found myself doing relative simple calculations over and over again, such as the future value of an investment. A spreadsheet works fine if you always calculate in the same direction (i.e. calculate the future value based on present value, interest and duration), but I usually want to jump around a bit, calculating back and forth between parameters (e.g. what interest rate would be needed to get this future value).

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Simple JavaScript based time-delta calculator.

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All of my data is stored on my NAS, from where it is automatically backed up daily. But doing photo-editing on a remote file was slow, especially over WiFi and/or VPN. So I decided to store all photo’s locally, but without loosing the automatic backups. I solved this problem with a Launchd agent to watch the directory for changes (and run every hour anyway), and rsync for the actual transfer.

Additional challanges were that user permissions needed to be synced across as well. (Usernames did match on both machines, but UIDs did not)

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I found this blogpost by Kenneth Reitz, explaining that you don’t need the full Xcode anymore to just get GCC. Apple now officially provides “Command Line Tools for Xcode” as a free download with any AppleID. Which reduces the required download from 1.6GB to only 118MB!

Just found this wonderful site which matches your drawing to the corresponding Unicode character(s).

FreeBSD is, by default, still limited to usernames of less than 16 characters. Changing this to 32 or even 64 is not difficult, but does require some time to recompile the entire system.

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ZSH has some pretty nifty TAB-completion. But I found the git completion to be slow, especially on large repo’s. I wasn’t the only one. Some suggest to disable the context-aware completion completely, but I prefer Victor Quinn’s pointer to this solution which just upgrades the completion logic to the latest version.

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