Place: Halle
Tanks flown: 3
Time flown: 0h56 (cumulative model timer: 29h52)
Rx battery recharged with: 728 mAh
Tx battery recharged with: not recharged
Glow heater battery recharged with: 462 mAh
Starter battery recharged with: 133 mAh

Another beautiful autumn day (which are fairly rare in Belgium), although the sun was hanging low. Naturally, I was able to pilot my heli straight into the sun. Apart from the black spot in my vision the next 3 minutes, nothing got damaged in the process.

Tried and succeeded in a full auto-rotation with 0% engine power (previous attempts where with some power). Turns out that it isn’t too much different from 15%. Even at 15%, the engine is hardly engaging the clutch so it barely provides power.